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Charles B Reynolds

Milford, PA 18337 * 570-228-0805

E-mail: charlesbreynolds@gmail.com

More than 34 years experience writing and editing. A published author (short fiction, news, politics, books, web content, etc) with experience in the new media of online journalism (local and national content). 4 years as a managing editor for a small press literary, 2 years as an online teaching editor and web host (AOL Amazing Instant Novelist channel). 



02/2012 – Present Stringer (Pike County Courier)/ Straus News

  • Freelance Journalist (Milford / Dingman)



11/2011 – Present Self Employed (Reynolds Publishing Company)

  • Writing / editing service

  • Writing workshops (creative / business)

  • Web content (business / news / commentary)

  • Ghostwriting corporate content

  • Ad / PR / Media campaigns / Press Releases

  • Simple web site dedsign and web administration

  • Clients: Calling All Angels Thrift Shoppe (publicity / press releases / website management), ImperfectParenting.com (minor topic content provider), 611 Broad Street, Gotta Get It Consignments


05/2011 – Present Solvate

  • Freelance writer

  • Range: Ghost Blogging, Web Content Writer, Editor, Writer, News Writer, Events Coverage, Feature Writer, Fiction Writer, Novel Writer, Call Content Creation, Online Writer, Essay / Commentary Writer.

02/2010 – Present Examiner.com

02/2007 – Present Yahoo! Contributor Network (formerly Associated Content)

  • Over 200 articles written.

  • Freelance writer

  • Articles cover range: Opinion/Editorial, news, fiction, recipes, poetry, how-to, feature


2011 Published author – poetry (Behind the Wheel: A Trucker's Poetry Book)

2011 Published author – short-short fiction (CATHARSIS: a collection of short-short fiction)

2011 Published author – Non-fiction (Thinking Out Loud – The Book)

1990 - 1994

Managing Editor - "Gateways: Past, Future . . . Sideways"

Contributing writer - Fiction

  • Entrance Exam

  • Spectre-Analysis

Contributing writer - non-Fiction

Opening Doors

  • Fiber Optics Today (1992)

  • Ray Kroc - Food Impresario(1993)

Book Reviews (under Charles B Reynolds and Anson Edwards)

  • Vampire of the Mists (1992)

  • Mostly Harmless (a992)

  • Phule's Paradise (1992)

  • The Reluctant Sorcerer (1992)

  • A Call to Arms (1992)

  • Created By (1993)

  • Dance of the Dead (1993)

  • Elf Queen of Shannara (1993)

  • The Death and Life of Superman (1993)

  • Visual Light (1993)

  • Shadows of the Past (1994)

  • Sweet Myth-tery of Life (1994)

  • Demons Don't Dream (1994)

Write in the Heart (1994)

  • "Writer's Block - A three part series"

The Writer's Exchange (1995)

  • "Writer's Block"

Age of Superheroes Magazine (1995)

Contributing writer

  • What's in a Name?

The Anvil (Star Trek Fanzine) (1995)

Contributing writer

  • Memories Forged

Freelance Reviewer

for Leading Edge

  • Bazil Broketail Review (1993)

  • Hammer of God Review (1994)

  • The Enemy Within Review (1995)

for Strange New Worlds

  • The Courtship of Leia (1994)

  • A Guide to the Star Wars Universe (1994)

for the kore

  • Imzadi (1994)

Power Star - Issue 81 (1994)

Contributing Writer

1996 - 1998

AOL - Amazing Instant Novelist

Online Editor (NOVL Bourne, NOVL ReBorn)

Contributing writer

Multiple Award Winner


Guest Blogger - In Pursuit of Fulfillment



  • "Charles is an excellent writer who is capable of adapting his tone and style to fit the venue. He pays great attention to detail in his work and writes in a reader-friendly styl..."
    Angela Atkinson
    owner, In Pursuit of Happiness website
  • "Charles has an excellent command of the English language and takes instruction very well. We have been more than pleased with his content provisions. He is dependable, professio..."
    Jessica Carlson
    Web Publisher



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