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The mission of Reynolds Publishing Company is to empower people and businesses to succeed through the effective use of the written word.

Author, Journalist, Blogger, Poet, Musician

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NEW FOR 2015 

I have decided to use 2015 as my year to focus on several projects. The first of which is to explore and expand my music. To that goal, I am recording my first CD and writing more songs for myself and other musicians. To book me or ask about my music, go to my Facebook page or send an email to me.

The other projects are my books. I am working on several eBooks and finishing one for traditional publication. Some of my past eBooks can be found on Smashwords.

BIG NEWS! "Simply ... Charlie" CD Released!!

The first CD, Simply ... Charlie,  in a series of planned music being released by Charlie Reynolds has hit the shelves! Currently the CDs are available at Calling All Angels in Milford, PA and at Charlie's gigs around the area! Or you can leave a message on the Contact Us page on this website. CD's are $12, with 25% of all sales going to Calling All Angels Mission's expansion project! Get yours today!


Charlie is anticipating going into the studio to record his second CD - a country album - One of Them Days, to be out early 2017! 


Glad you stopped by for a visit. Sit down, relax and have a cup of coffee. My treat. Go ahead and travel around my website, visit some of my "links" and check out what we can do for you here at Reynolds Publishing Company.


I am a writer, in as many definitions of the word that I can imagine. Some consultants and writing gurus argue that a writer should find a niche and fit comfortably in it.

I have never been able to do that. I love writing too much to be narrowed down to one thing or pigeon-holed into one frame or format.

Whether you agree with those who say be a niche writer or those who say be flexible, I feel that it is my flexibility that enables me to offer my services to so many people. I have worked on marketing and sales campaigns, provided ghostwriting services, written press release and am a journalist for several venues (print and web). I am a novelist, a poet (which is a subjective opinion, as all poetry is) and a song writer. I am a creative writer as well as a news reporter - gather and reporting the facts in as unbiased a fashion as possible (something I feel is lacking in today's news environment).

I like to be upfront with all my clients, as I feel this will pave the way to a prosperous endeavor for both of us. I am also a blogger, which allows me to step out of the unbiased format of the news to offer my opinion on things. I feel every citizen of this country is entitled to their opinion - which I make certain to point out in each post that what they are reading is opinion and not fact. I do not regard this as a negative, as it allows me to be unencumbered by opinion in every other aspect of my writing. A cathartic exerciser, if you will.

RPC, Inc. Mission Statement

Empowering people and businesses to succeed though the effective use of the written word.