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So much has been happening!

Posted by ReynoldsPublishingCompany on July 23, 2012 at 11:40 AM

Well, I am happy to report that so much has been happening here at Reynolds Publishing Company - So much work for so many people - that I have not had time top update this blog.

I find it really funny to be saying that. But its true. Since my last posting to my own company blog, I have been posting n other blogs, have begun work in print journalism, kept up my online journalism, done multiple PR projects (both paid and pro bono) for several different organizations, worked several ghostwriting projects, been very active in the local music community (inlcuding deciding to cut my own CD - writing is writing no matter how small, to paraphrase Suess) and been involved in numerous community outreaches.

So how do you cope with making a living at writing and keeping up with your own blog? That is such a good question and one I have to say I have not been doing such a good job. But if it comes down to keeping up with a company blog and keeping my customers satisfied - I would rather do the latter.

But it does present an interesting learning lesson. How to do it?


Plain and simple. Plan to update yopur blog at least once a week, if not once a day.

Why is this important? It keeps yopur company website from being static. And static in the world of the internet is not good. Your activit on your blog equates to web activity on your website. And do not forget to social media everything you write. As writers, even ones where social media is handled by some internal department of the entity you are writing for, it is still our responsibility to get the word out. Its not vanity, its survival.

So, in your weekly activity planning, you should remember to post on your own company blog. It may not "pay" you now, but it will pay you later.

Keep it simple. You can expound on some important topic if you like. But just keeping it simple is not only a way for you to actually do it every week, but it will keep you from spending hge amounts of time on unproductive writing. I know, I said it will pay later, but that is over time. And if you are writing for a living, there are bills that need to be paid now, not later. Consider your own company website blog as an investment. You invest a little now to get a bigger return later.

Without making this post too long (and thus breaking my own rule of keeping it simple), one exception to the "keep it simple" rule of thumb is for writers whose business model includes teachnig others how to write. Then those posts should be as long as necessary. Although keeping posts short is also a good idea. Teaching is best done in short clips.

So remember:


  • Weekly posting
  • Keep it simple
  • Plan your work and work you plan (Jeez, that sounds so MLM, but its true)


Have a great day and write, write, write!


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